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Xavier Rodriguez - HeadshotXavier Rodriguez - Awards CeremonyvisionCreator was established by Xavier Rodriguez (a.k.a. Xav Rodriguez) in 1997, originally focussing on web design and graphics, moving over to film production in 2003.

Xavier Rodriguez is a multi talented Director / Producer / Actor / DOP / Photographer whose experience encompasses writing, acting, directing, producing, DOPing, editing, post production, photography, web and multimedia. His love of film and imagery began whilst working as an actor on feature films (including the BBC's BAFTA winning Skallagrigg - Best TV Drama), sitcoms (The Upper Hand), theatre and television commercials.

Posessing an in-depth knowledge, understanding and appreciation of both the technical and the creative elements of movie making, Xav fuses them together to produce some very special works. With a great appreciation for celluloid Xav's roots and preferred shooting medium are firmly grounded in the digital realm. Occasionally he can be found dipping his toe back into the acting world...

As a director and producer he is fast, efficient and organised, he sees the big picture as well as all the minute detail in all decisions, and has proved his versatility and adaptability many times. Having spent many years as a professional actor he knows exactly what actor's need form him when directing them. Having worked with most formats Xavier has worked with both film and digital including Super 8, Super 16, 35mm, VHS-C, DV, HDV, DigiBeta, HD and RED.

visionCreator is focussed on creating intelligent and beautifully shot short films and features and stunning photography, with the odd music video and commercial along the way.

Xav aims to start principal photography of his first feature Suffer in Silence in 2012 and is also developing a blockbuster feature script, Solar. Early 2012 he will shoot the beautiful short Life & Death.

Suffer in Silence - A Xav Rodriguez Film

Life & Death - A Xav Rodriguez Film
Solar - A Xav Rodriguez Film



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